What's the right way to buy a puppy?

Save Me Trust has been campaigning to end the cruelty and suffering of puppy farms. But as Animal lovers, we know, that every day, more people are looking to find a canine companion - for the family or just for themselves. So what should you do once you have decided you want a dog in your life?

We think the first thing to do is rescue a pre-loved pet from a local rescue centre or a reputable charity. There are very many options, here are some we believe will find you a wonderful canine companion to share your life and family with. 

Rescue a Puppy

Litters or individual puppies are frequently abandoned at or handed into shelters and rescues. Often these puppies have been bred without any forethought and end up unwanted; the litter is larger than was expected, no buyers were found or the breeder just cannot cope. Some of these puppies are already ‘second hand’ having been bought from unscrupulous puppy farmers as a specific breed or size but in a matter of weeks have grown into a variety of dog unwanted or unsuitable to the new owner. 

Fortunately, dedicated staff and volunteers in rescue and rehoming organisations pick up the pieces and provide the puppies with socialisation, training, and care until loving new homes can be found. Reputable rescues will vaccinate, microchip, treat for parasites and where appropriate neuter the puppy prior to adoption. 

For a rescue puppy, call or visit your local rescue and rehoming centre or organisation. If you aren't aware of a local one, Visit the Rescue Review directory which you can find here You can search for rescue centres or rehoming groups in your postcode, county or region. 

Kennel Club Assured Breeders Scheme

The Kennel Club Assured Breeder Scheme promotes the good breeding practice and aims to work together with breeders and buyers to force irresponsible breeders, or puppy farmers, out of business.  Breeders nationwide are joining to demonstrate their commitment to responsible breeding. In return, they are able to use the scheme literature and logo to promote their litters. The Find a Puppy Service and will highlight litters to puppy buyers as being bred by an Assured Breeder. The Assured Breeder Scheme helps puppy buyers find breeders who follow good practice.  

Every single Assured Breeder will be inspected by the Kennel Club, a UKAS accredited certification body, in order to ensure that the Scheme is recognised as the essential quality seal for puppy breeding and buying.

Helping puppy buyers find their way

As a prospective new owner, it is understandable to want some kind of reassurance that you are purchasing a pedigree puppy from someone whose priority is the health and welfare of the puppies that they breed. Someone who will provide you with a quality, supportive and informative service both before and after you take your puppy home. One way to do this is to contact a Kennel Club Assured Breeder. The scheme promotes good breeding practices, giving prospective owners the best opportunity to bring home a healthy, well-adjusted puppy. 

While the Kennel Club Assured Breeder Scheme is a good starting point for people wanting to find their way in the sometimes tricky process of choosing a puppy, it is not the only route to finding a suitable breeder as the Breed Clubs and Societies are also an excellent resource. Find out more about the Kennel Club Assured Breeders Scheme here 

Make a home for a ‘preloved’ dog

There are many local Dog and cat rescue centres around the country, many are Charities and run by dog lovers. If you know a local rescue centre, try them first. If you don’t we suggest contacting

the following:


Battersea Dogs & Cats Home  

Dogs Trust